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 Kakejiku(Hanging scroll)


Note: This is an image of a hanging scroll.

Let me use the Japanese term "kakejiku" instead of the English notation.

"Hanging scroll" only conveys the form for storage.

The original purpose is different.

A "kakejiku" is a counterpart to a space and expresses the master's "hospitality" toward his guests.


Landscape and ink paintings are imaginary landscapes.
My "Quiet night photography" are the real world.

My work is also called "Zen" because it does not capture a moment like a photograph, but is an accumulation of images that include a long period of time, and the colors that change over time and accumulate in the soul like a "print".

The super vertical works are imperfect because they are imperfect, and the entire space compensates for the imperfection, inviting the viewer into a world of imagination and spirit.

My hanging scrolls are produced with the help of a traditional Japanese craftsman called a hyo-gushi. Therefore, I am proud to say that they are the one and only fine art in the world.
I hope that my work will become a part of the space created by the individual owner.
Sincerely yours

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